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The C.N. Squeo has a family heart and has distant origins .... Dedication, professionalism and passion guide the skilled hands of the founders and their operators. The company is registered in the National Register of Shipyards

Hauling and launch
modern hauling and launching system for boats up to xx Tons.
Bottom cleaning
cleaning with any suitable means of the living work and regeneration of the surfaces
Restoration and renewal
renewal and restoration of boats of any material engine and system assistance
Carpentry assistance
assistance for work or pleasure boats with high professional skills as an ax master
Foto gallery
We are including some images of the usual workings of the shipyard, always at its customers
Always available
The Squeo company has a family heart and has very distant origins .... it was born in the beautiful land of Puglia, formed by very active craftsmen from Molfetta who spread their naval art in the Adriatic. There are many fishing vessels launched by the Squeo Brothers, which have given sustenance to many sea businesses. Then, the war events of the last century forced the Masters to move to the peninsula and even to Latin America (Venezuela) where for fifteen years they worked in the naval arsenals of those countries. Finally returned to Italy, one of the brothers, Pantaleo (Leo for those who enjoy his confidence) was called to Porto Torres by the Polese shipyard, specialized in recovery; Mastro Leo, Filippo's father, however, still wanted to build travel and fishing boats and this is how the company we present was born.
Pleasure boat maintenance

The care of your boat is essential for its maintenance.
We present a reminder for the ordinary maintenance that your boat (both sailing and motor) would require every year when you arrive on site for work or for storage..
C.N.S. S.r.l.  

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